Materials Engineering - inżynieria materiałowa w języku angielskim (S2)

The second-degree studies (Master of Science degree) on the Materials Engineering programme provide education in the fields of advanced research methods, design, manufacturing and utilization of engineering materials – polymers, metals, composites, and technological processes. It is based on advanced knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics and materials science as well as on engineering knowledge in modelling, designing and processing of materials. Our graduates are experts desired and appreciated in many sectors of industry in the whole Europe on the positions of:

  • designers,
  • constructors,
  • material technologists,
  • quality control managers,
  • specialists in recycling and environmental friendly technologies.

This study is suitable for both foreigners and Polish students who would like to get advanced in English nomenclature in materials science. The studies are offered full-time for 3 semesters in two majors:

Light-weight Structures

The studies expand the knowledge in the field of lightweight polymer construc¬tion composites, including biocomposites, versatile applications in aviation, shipbuilding, in a variety of mobile systems such as motor vehicles, buses, rail vehicles, rotors of wind farms with increasing dimensions, sports and recreational equipment, and many other areas of life, where high stiffness, impact resistance and lightness are required.

Processing of Polymer Materials

The studies prepare students to design and construct technological equipment for the processing of polymeric materials, to choose strategies in the selection of materials for specific products, taking into account the conditions of their ope¬ration. The students acquire knowledge on modern methods of materials testing and methods for obtaining special construction materials based on polymers and polymer composites.


The Materials Engineering as the first study programme in English at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, received the prestigious European quality certificate EUR-ACE® Label, granted by Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (KAUT). It confirms the high level of engineering education appreciated by European institutions and industry.  And our graduates receive the prestigious title of  European Engineer.  

More information:
Dr eng. Magdalena Kwiatkowska